6 Personal Qualities Instrumental to Successful Leadership

Oct 3, 2017 4:47:34 PM / by CLG

Several years ago, we surveyed two dozen CEOs about what they thought were personal qualities instrumental to successful leadership.  Their reflections on this topic surfaced 6 Personal Qualities Instrumental to Successful Leadership. Here they are –

  1. Integrity – Candor, follow-through, and delivery on commitments; taking actions that are consistent with stated values even if inconsistent with prior organizational practices.
  1. Courage – The personal willingness to be decisive and adhere to an unpopular decision, to remove people who are former peers from their roles in the organization, or to take the company in a direction others feel is risky.
  1. Intellectual Curiosity and Continuous Learning – Viewing events (including failures) as learning opportunities and maintaining a constant curiosity about people, the outside world, and other industries; having a routine of reading, attending selected conferences, and taking advantage of ongoing educational opportunities.
  1. Resilience – The ability to cope with constant questioning, criticism, and scrutiny by various constituencies such as shareholders, board members, the press, analysts, government regulators, employees, and political groups.
  1. Self-awareness and Humility – The practice of frequent self-assessment and actively identifying personal shortcomings to understand, address, or compensate for them; to have natural regard and admiration for the talents that others bring to the organization to create a space for others to express themselves.
  1. Dispassionate Compassion – The ability to remove oneself from allowing one’s past and personal relationships to color decision making about the business, while still holding strong empathy for those constituencies that the CEO serves.

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