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The Leadership Deficit

Strategies for revitalizing your leadership pipeline.

Study after study supports the fact that organizations are dealing with unprecedented gaps in their leadership pipelines. Demographic changes are straining the capacity of organizations to develop leaders quickly and retain them.

webinar-3-secondary-image-EDITED.jpgWith baby boomers exiting the workforce in record numbers, many companies are struggling to fill vacant leadership roles with strong, qualified candidates.

We’re facing a setting in which frustrated Gen Xers have waited for years to get access to more senior roles. At the same time, many impatient millennials refuse the traditional 10-year career path to leadership positions as evidenced by their willingness to abruptly leave a company to advance. The reality is, a traditional view of leadership programs won’t address the critical issues and gaps in your leadership pipeline.

Delegating development of leaders to HR alone can’t prepare enough leaders fast enough to fill the demand.


In this webinar we’ll discuss how to:

  • Make the leadership pipeline and development an organization-wide strategic priority
  • Accelerate the growth of the leadership talent in your organization

Who should attend this Webinar

If you’re leading, supporting or ultimately responsible for leadership and talent pipelines in your organization, you won’t want to miss this important discussion.

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DATE: August 29, 2017

TIME:  12:00 PM EDT

About Your Presenters

Debbie Kramer

Debbie Kramer, Partner, CLG

Debbie is a veteran C-suite leader, consultant, and speaker, noted for her business acumen, financial expertise, and engaging style.

Her expertise includes leadership acceleration, strategic planning, succession planning, organizational redesign and change, HR strategy, and executive coaching.  She has held Senior Vice President roles over Marketing, HR and Organizational Development in large organizations.

Debbie is also a key member of CLG’s partnership with Stanford business school’s flagship executive program.

Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon, Ph.D., Senior Associate Consultant, CLG

Michael brings his expertise in psychology and human behavior to accelerating leadership development. 

His experience includes supporting the growth of organizations where he designs and delivers tailored acceleration centers for high-potential leaders. He also has helped clients apply behavioral approaches to innovation, performance improvement, change, and managing multi-generational teams in the mining, financial, and technology industries. 

Michael has assessed and coached hundreds of leaders across North America, helping them improve their leadership presence and to develop coaching and feedback skills to manage their teams’ performance more effectively.

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About The CLG Summer Webinar Series

The CLG Summer Webinar Series was developed to provide quick and easy access to our experts and their best thinking on important topics directly impacting virtually every business today. Through proprietary market studies and over 25 years of client experience, our goal is to share our most relevant and valuable knowledge and experiences with you.