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The New Change Proposition

Why a Simplified Approach to Change Yields Better Results.

Organizational change is complex. Talk to anyone responsible for change and you will hear the same story – even the best planned and managed change efforts can go off track because:

  • 10646.1 Secondary image.jpgToday’s change is occurring faster than ever.
  • Organizations are increasingly being forced to manage multiple, concurrent change initiatves.
  • People consistently underestimate the time, effort and resources required to make change happen.
  • Changing mindsets alone doesn’t bring about change.

Most organizations employ change models, frameworks, templates and tools to manage change. While these things can prove helpful, they are often not driving the intended results. In addition to being unproductive, these processes and protocols can be overly complex and a drain on resources.

The reality is – organizations don’t change, people do.

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About Your Presenters

Debbie Kramer

Debbie Kramer - Partner, CLG

Debbie is a veteran C-suite leader, consultant, and speaker, noted for her business acumen, financial expertise, and engaging style. Her specialties include executive coaching, strategic planning, succession planning, leadership acceleration, organizational redesign and change, and HR strategy. With a major health insurance provider, she held Senior Vice President roles over Marketing, HR and Organizational Development. Debbie is an expert in leadership development, working with key performers from executive to frontline to make change happen. She is also a key member of CLG’s partnership with Stanford business school’s flagship executive program.

Kim Huggins

Kim Huggins - Partner, CLG

Kim is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author in the area of understanding the generations. Her book, “GENerate Performance! Unleashing the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce,” has been cited as an invaluable leadership tool for any business wanting to attract and retain talent. As well as owning and running a successful consulting business, Kim’s background includes senior human resource positions and consulting assignments within various industries including: healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, financial and energy. In addition to generational workforce dynamics, Kim is well regarded for her expertise in the areas of change execution, leadership development/coaching, organizational development, employee engagement and cultures of innovation.

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About The CLG Summer Webinar Series

The CLG Summer Webinar Series was developed to provide quick and easy access to our experts and their best thinking on important topics directly impacting virtually every business today. Through proprietary market studies and over 25 years of client experience, our goal is to share our most relevant and valuable knowledge and experiences with you.


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